Week 17

When I started this class, I had the knowledge of social media just as a social media user. Now I feel like I know behind the scene knowledge since I learned what it is like to run social media for a business and as a business owner.  It was a great experience to create a business and see how all the profiles work. I think my view on social media in general though didn't change much throughout the semester.

I have a better understanding on how to set up a business page and to develop the pages for a business. I think I learned a lot from creating a Facebook page. I have always used facebook just for personal use with my own Facebook page. When I created a business Facebook page, it took a lot more time to set everything up and make the page exactly how I wanted it.  It was nice to be able to design it how I wanted however the page requires a lot of information, especially for a business that doesn't even exist.  It was interesting to see all the options that are available for …

Week 16 Post 2

I commented on Jason Bush's, Matthew Dangyou's, Mary's Goulet's, Peyton Jansma's, and Aime Salomon's blogs.

Week 16 Post 1

Throughout this course, I have really enjoyed maintaining an Instagram and Facebook business account. Both profiles made me learn the importance of when it is a good time to post, what hashtags should be used, and what viewers are most interested in. It was a great learning experience. I think it was the best way to learn about how to use social media for a business. Reading the lectures also helped as well however having to be hands on with social media changes the game and really makes you active with it. I honestly did not pay much attention to the Twitter account that I created for my business. I felt that Twitter for an interior design business wasn't the hot spot since most people are looking for pictures and Instagram is the go to for a feed that'll provide just that. For the future, I would continue to use Facebook and Instagram for my business. I think they are two great sources to spread news, promotion, and collect new clients. Facebook was a bug success for me duri…

Week 15 Post 2

After reviewing my insights on Facebook for the week, the charts showed me I had less viewers visiting my page this week. On May 9th, I had a peak of 6 people visiting my page but then it went down the next day. With page likes though, I started with 78 on May 1st and I now have 90 likes as of today. On May 2nd and 9th, I had a total of 60 and 64 organic posts reach. I think I would have better luck getting more likes and more engagement on my page if I planned the timing of the postings. First thing in the morning or in the evening around 8pm are typically the best times to post. Everyone is checking social media at these times so I think for future posts and engagements, I need to remember what times are best.

Week 15 Post 1

After reviewing the analytics from Google, I think proactive insights, data access, and behavior reports work well for my page. Proactive analytics will automatically surface insights from your data on key changes and new trends. Data access allows for any user to use their your data anywhere. Google provides a mobile app, which gives email alerts, an external reporting API, and integrations to multiple Google products. Lastly, behavior reports would be great for my business use. The behavior flow reportvisualizes the path users used from one page to the next. It'll discover what content keeps users engaged with your site or identify potential content problems. Site search will let you see which of your users used your site’s search function and what search terms they entered. Site speed allows for you to see how quickly users are able to see and interact with your feed.

Week 14

These are the three Facebook ads that I would create for promotion purposes. The first is promoting a post, which I believe is effective because it will advise people on who the designer is. Once they see the post of me and read the caption, they will be more interested to read more either about me or the business which will lead them to my page. The second ad is promoting the website. I would promote through targeting audience in the Rancho area in-between a certain age because my business is located out of Rancho Santa Fe. I also did an age group since those ages typically own homes and often look for designer help for remodels or different ideas. Lastly I promoted my page via Facebook again with the audience being people in the local area. I think this is effective because it will be viewed on Facebook and advertised to anyone in the surrounding area. Not only people in Del Mar or Encinitas will get to know about my business but so will people in Carlsbad or Oceanside. This will m…

Week 13 Post 1

Five businesses similar to mine are Design 4 Corners, West Elm, Luxe Interior + Design Magazine, Mary McDonald, and Savvy Interiors. In my opinion, their advertising is effective. They are on top of time for posting and advertise in a way that is eye catching. All use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook which all include pictures. Since all these businesses are related to interior design, the pictures are what is most attractive in the advertising. For me, the pictures on Instagram make me scroll through the whole profile to see their works. The captions are too lengthy but provide sufficient information which is nice because sometimes having a long caption makes me less interested in viewing a post or page. 

I think advertising on social media is more effective because nowadays people use their phones for everything and use social media. With advertising on social media, companies have more of a chance to reach an audience than in a newspaper. This isn't the case for everyone since t…