Week 4 Post 1

The websites I chose are and The first potential problem I see for visitors on are that it is way too busy once you visit the page. There is wording everywhere that makes it difficult to decide where to start. The second problem is that it is very unorganized. They have links to railings, garden gates, and fences scattered along at the website. Lastly, I think the problem is it's just overall overwhelming. When clicking on one of the options on the left sidebar, you are directed to another page that explains everything about the products. Although it's very helpful, it is a lot for the eye to be introduced to. Most people once they see a page like that decide to leave the page. 
The first problem I see on is that upon arrival, it appears like am outdated website. It's not eye catching and uses many colors that makes it all over the place. The second problem is it's busy which makes it hard to decide where to eve…

Week 3 Part 1

I have never had difficulty communicating with a business. Every time I have communicated to a business it has been through email, which I have always heard back from the business. They respond in a quick manner and try the best to solve any problem I am experiencing. I have friends who have had bad communication experiences with businesses, which usually results from them not answering their posts on their social medias or not responding to their emails. 
I believe social media makes it easier to get noticed and to have problems resolved because businesses are paying more attention to their social media pages. Today almost everyone is using social media so it is more common to send DM's and comment on posts rather than taking the time to send an email. As I mentioned before, I have never communicated with a business before through social media. I have tagged my sister on different Adidas and clothes brands posts, which they will like my comment. With that being said, I think commu…

Week 2 Part 2

The three blogs I commented on were Jason Bush, Bassel Kanj, and Lynne Stewart.

Week 2 Part 1

In my opinion, if we look at the most popular social media platforms, like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, they are all geared towards personal use. Anyone can create accounts on those networks and post about their lives, follow their friends and family, and stay up to date for their wellbeing. I think Twitter and Snapchat are targeted more towards personal use because businesses don't advertise as much on those two social media feeds. Also because I have numerous friends that use Twitter and only follow their friends and profiles that interest them. They tweet about their lives and different instances that happen daily. I think Snapchat is directed more towards personal use because it is an easy way to stay connected with friends. Everyone adds each other to view their stories of their lives that they display. Although Instagram and Facebook are used for personal use, people also have the opportunity to follow their favorite stores/businesses, role models, and famous …

Group Responses

In my group, I commented on the blogs of Lisa Haas, Robert Mowry, and Brandon Garcia. 
Their links are below:

Reasons Behind the Theme - Week #1

When choosing my template I tried to find one that attracted my eye. Visuals is very important to me because if I see something that I like then I am more interested in it and more drawn to what it has to offer. The template I chose was based off of its color and the design that it offers. I really liked the font as well as the pattern. I believe that if I have a bright, colorful theme then viewers will be more fascinated to visit my blog. Personally, I enjoy visiting blogger's pages if they look trendy and bright. I feel more fascinated to see what they have to offer in their blogs and it shows that they put some work into their page. 

A second reason I chose this template is because the palm leaves reminded me of where I live. I live in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Originally I am from Illinois but at age 17, I moved to San Diego with my family. Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of living somewhere close to a beach. My dream came true when my family and I moved. With this temp…